The Tory drawback is small-minded considering

I famous this tweet final evening from long-standing right-wing MP John Redwood:

Redwood is mistaken, in fact. He normally is.

‘We’ won’t must construct two cities the dimensions of Southampton a 12 months.

Initially, that’s as a result of populations shall be extensively unfold.

Secondly, and somewhat extra importantly, immigrants invariably come right here to work, and so in impact, they may present the useful resource to construct their very own lodging, whether or not immediately or not directly.

The language used is absurd. The concept there shall be immigrant cities is implied, and that won’t occur. However, extra importantly, to disregard the contribution migrants can (and all the time have) made to the UK financial system is to be intentionally deceptive.

However that’s the method of the correct.

It’s why they actually can’t be trusted to handle the financial system. In the event you can’t consider the results of actions, you shouldn’t be put answerable for managing these actions. Small-minded considering is their Achilles heel.

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