Building a new operations talent pipeline

Connor and the Cumberland team, he says, had been working with George Brown on this course program already, and invited the Infinite team to join them. Gambell and Zegers both emphasized Cumberland’s leadership in making this program a reality. Connor and Cumberland, they say, originated the program with George Brown before bringing in Infinite to provide support. 

When the program launches in January Gambell will be leading a course on the fundamentals of operations. Infinite has also committed $40,000 spread over 20 individual scholarships to the program for eligible individuals currently working in the industry.

Operations is an area of the industry subject to nearly constant change, especially with the rise of AI tools and programs to streamline the operations side. While Gambell and Zegers acknowledge there will be tech-driven change, they also note the crucial roles operations professionals still play. They noted the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world went into lockdown, it was the operations professionals who still had to go into the office and ensure transactions still ran, compliance was maintained, and the business continued to function.

“AI can fix somethings, but it can’t rewire an entire industry to work the way it wants, there are base level functions in this industry that require thousands of people every day,” Gambell says.

Gambell and Zegers hope that the industry sees this new program as an opportunity to refill their talent pipelines. They expect that this will both bring a whole new cohort of young individuals into promising careers, and provide firms and practices with qualified, well-trained operations staff ready to go.

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