The news this morning can be summarised in one word, which is ‘staggering’.

Rishi Sunak staggers on as prime minister. He won the vote on the second reading of the Rwanda Bill last night. No one really believes he will win the vote on the third.

The Tories as a party also stagger on, but are so divided that there are now at least six parties within the party, and yet all of them deny the need for proportional representation, so out of touch with reality are they.

COP28 staggers on, with no one now believing that it will be a success, and with the crisis of dealing with the financial power of oil companies now being apparent to everyone. The dilemma of ‘dollars today, live tomorrow’ appears to be insurmountable at present. Blame the business schools who have taught this absurd mantra.

US policy on Israel is also staggering. Its rejection of yet another United Nations demand for a ceasefire continues to discredit it, just as the UK continues to be discredited by its abstentions on the issue, even when Biden has been forced into finally criticising the Netanyahu regime in Israel, which probably now makes him an official anti-Semite in the USA, so staggeringly extreme is their position.

Elsewhere, staggering too is the position of Labour, which still cannot bring itself to use the word ceasefire when talking of Gaza.

And in the real world, the death by suicide of an extremely talented Cameroonian doctor held on the Bibby Stockholm should remind us of the staggering indifference in this country to the plight of real people desperate for freedom who seek asylum here, in response to which we, staggeringly, see the Tories seek to deny us our own freedoms.

And, staggeringly, all this is happening as I see the Christmas lights go up on houses around my little city, supposedly celebrating the birth of a person who was destined for a mission to bring ‘peace on earth and goodwill to all people’.

Staggeringly, it seems that we have completely forgotten that fact.

I refuse to do so. That continues to be my hope, whatever the idiots who think themselves to be in charge do. I’ll stagger on believing that is the right thing to do, whatever they say.

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