eGifter: $100 Lowe’s Gift Cards for $90

eGifter is offering a discount of 10% on Lowe’s Gift Cards. You can purchase $100 gift cards for $90, with a limit of 5 per customer. Check out the full details below.

The Offer

Buy a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card for $90! Promo Code: LOWES1223

  • Limited to 5 Promos per Customer
  • Offer Ends 12/31/23 or while supplies last.
  • eGifter Points are not earned on this promotion.
  • Promotional and Bonus Gift Cards are not eligible for Swaps.
  • Promo is only available on, and not on Rewards Express or eGifter Rewards.


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking a link, I may earn some beer 🍺money, which I promise to drink responsibly. When applicable, you should always go through shopping portals to earn cashback. But when that’s not an option, your support for the site is always greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!

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