Tesco’s free ‘Carrots for Rudolph’ are back!

Get free carrots for Rudolph and Santa’s reindeer this Christmas at hundreds of Tesco stores while stocks last.

free carrots for rudolph

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Tesco is bringing back a lovely Christmas tradition that not only sparks joy but also helps us save a bit of money during the festive season.

You (or your kids) will be able to take advantage of the FREE ‘Carrots for Rudolph’ in Tesco stores starting from Wednesday, 20 December 2024!

This initiative is all about making sure that Rudolph and his reindeer friends have enough fuel for their epic journey on Christmas Eve.

It’s fun, creates magic for children, and is a cost-effective way for families to get involved in the Christmas spirit.

Free carrots for Rudolph

free carrots for rudolph
Chloe collected a free carrot for Rudolph when the initiative started in 2019

This year marks the 5th consecutive year of this initiative.

From Wednesday, 20 December, until Christmas Eve, you can pop into any large Tesco store and pick up a free carrot for Rudolph from stands placed right at the entrance.

The stands are in 829 stores across the UK.

The carrots are free and available while stocks last.

It’s a wonderful little addition to your Christmas Eve traditions, and best of all, it’s completely free!

Rudolph and his team will be travelling over 41 million miles, delivering gifts to over 1.9 billion children! It’s a huge task, and our little gesture of a carrot can be a fun part of this magical process.

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