There is no such thing as a fact in economics and accounting

This was posted by French podcaster, Lucas Langlois on Linkedin yesterday:

One of the problems we face when dealing with issues around economics and accounting is that people treat things as fact. And the fact is, there is no such thing as fact in these areas.

The very first episode of the new Pallas Podcast is live!

Why should you listen to it? I brought together some of the most extraordinary guests from across the globe, including researchers, entrepreneurs, and journalists, to explore the key to unlocking critical thinking and discovering the truth.

In this first episode, I had the privilege to chat with the remarkable Richard Murphy. He is a Professor of Accounting Practice at the prestigious Sheffield University Management School and a passionate advocate for economic justice. He created major standards for the OECD, is one of the most influential accountants on Twitter, and is frequently featured on national newspapers and radio to discuss economic policies. He also hosts his podcast, aptly named “The Account”.

In our 20-minute talk, he gave terrific insights into truth in the accounting practice, critical thinking, and his own experience of being wrong. You can listen to the episode right here –

The structure of the interview was a little odd – with five fixed questions being posed in advance, but I hope the result is interesting.

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