IG Wealth Management expands private market exposure in iProfile

“As we continue to expand our extensive product shelf, we’re excited to build on our collaboration with Northleaf, leveraging their world-class private markets expertise to deliver innovative portfolio solutions and provide diversified exposure to a number of best-in-class fund managers that would not otherwise be directly accessible for most retail investors,” said Narine.

The collaboration will provide IG’s clients with a strengthened access to the private market space, which also includes other private equity commitments through BlackRock, Northleaf Capital Partners, Portage Ventures, and Sagard. It also includes private credit commitments through Northleaf Capital Partners, the Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) and Sagard Credit Partners

The iProfile Private Portfolios are managed solutions that offer individuals with the same opportunities for wealth management and diversification as large pools of capital like institutional investors, which also include pension funds.

The portfolios are designed to provide diversification among different asset classes and management styles as well as meet a range of investing priorities which include protecting capital, providing income, and growth focus.

iProfile is a managed asset program for clients that have invested a minimum of $250,000 in the program.

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