Save 10% On Auto Insurance With Tracking App

When switching car insurances recently, I learned that most insurers offer a significant discount when you signup to use a tracking app or device which monitors driving habits and distances. You might see 10%-30% savings when you signup for tracking; exact savings will vary by insurer and policy.

I’m guessing everyone else already knew this. I was vaguely aware of such tracking programs, but thought it was a unique thing to select insurers. However, from researching now various insurance options, it seems that every insurer has this program in one form or another. I write this post in case there some other set-it-and-forget types like me who set up their insurance years ago and never noticed this savings program.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Someone sensitive to privacy concerns won’t find the savings worthwhile.
  2. Someone who doesn’t have good driving habits will likely do better without the app.
    • It is worth noting, however, that even an aggressive driver should be able to get an initial discount. But at the next renewal (6 months or 1 year later) their rate will probably end up being higher and they’ll lose out in the long run.
    • One insurance agent cited me a Progressive study that 90% of people (I think that was the number she said?) end up saving, in the long run, by having the app. I’d be interested in hearing real-world experiences on this.

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