We have malnutrition in the UK because our food manufacturers know that nothing is more profitable than hooking people on products destructive to their wellbeing

As The Guardian notes this morning:

More than 800,000 patients were admitted to hospital with malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies last year, a threefold increase on 10 years ago, according to NHS figures that have prompted warnings about the devastating health impact of food insecurity.

Hospital data for England and Wales, obtained by the Guardian, reveals a startling rise in diagnoses linked to poor diet in the past decade, with nearly half a million admissions of patients with iron deficiencies, hundreds of thousands suffering from vitamin deficiencies and more than 10,000 cases of malnutrition last year.

As they added:

Senior doctors said the trend mirrored their clinical experiences, with a growing number of patients whose health problems are rooted in poverty.

How did we reach the point where our society has failed so badly that malnutrition is now a first world problem?

First, most politicians do not care about people. They only care about the wealth of a few.

Second, they have, as a result, sponsored and promoted deliberately callous false theories of economics to justify this indifference.

Third, based on those theories industries like big pharma and big sugar-based food production have been allowed to prosper. Superficially satisfying short-term sugar spikes have replaced vitamins and essential minerals in too many affordable diets.

Fourth, they have created methods of media consumption to promote those industries through mass advertising and subversive programming.

Fifth, they have underfunded the services that counter these destructive narratives, from Sure Start onwards.

Sixth, they have closed down the education that provides the necessary skills to create a balanced diet. Most people in this country cannot really cook, or even cook at all, which is shocking.

Seventh, our big food industry, from fast food vendors, to ultra-processed food manufacturers, to food retailers, have joined in a conspiracy to sell poor, sugar-based, diets whilst putting the blame for obesity on fat, where it does not belong.

So, how to solve this? The answer is straightforward. The requirement is regulation to demand better food whilst cutting sugar from diets. It could be done. But the resulting foods are not addictive, when sugar is. The result is there is less profit in them, because nothing is more addictive than hooking people on products destructive to their wellbeing.

Our current health secretary is, staggeringly, married to the Chair of British Sugar. She is also staggeringly incompetent. But so too is Labour’s Wes Streeting, who sees it as his job to belittle NHS staff and talk about apps for hospital management without ever bothering his little head about the root cause of the problems besetting the NHS, of which sugar intake of approximately six times daily safe limits (on average) is by far the biggest.

And so demand for NHS services will continue to outstrip supply as the demand for short term food industry profit is met whilst real people go hungry and malnourished because the only things they can afford to eat are poisoning them.


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