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Your Journey to Financial Freedom Book Review

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I met Jamila, founder of Journey to Launch at FinCon back in 2018. Back then, I was impressed that she was able to start her own business –the Journey to Launch podcast, which has had more than 3 million downloads to date— while raising 3 kids. Now that I have a 3-month-old, I’m even more in awe of her. I barely even have time to go the bathroom these days, never mind starting a whole business from scratch.

So, I was beyond excited to hear that Jamila had written a book called “Your Journey to Financial Freedom” that came out on Dec 5. So, on top of running her business, taking care of 3 kids, she somehow also found time to write a book? HOW?!

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When I read her book, I could see that she gets some of her strong work ethic from her mom, and I loved reading about her origin story. To see what it was like to be raised by a Jamaican immigrant single mother made me think of my own immigrant upbringing and helped me remember how difficult it was for my parents.

I also realized why it takes longer from some to reach FI than others, even if they have a higher salary by reading about an important topic that’s often missed in personal finance. Jamila talks about marginalized groups, who have historically been excluded from opportunities to build wealth, and explains the “systemic and psychological reasons for their desire to spend money on visible status symbols”.

This is why Jamila’s book is perfect for those who want an intro to investing and go the more relaxed route to FIRE, as Jamila compassionately explains how to overcome emotional and financial barriers to financial independence. She breaks down how to prioritize financial goals by introducing 5 “Journeyer Stages”—”Journeyer” being the terms she calls her “Journey to Launch” readers. They are: Explorer, Cadet, Aviator, Commander, and Captain. Each stage is tailored to different financial starting points and gives you a step-by-step map to follow on how to prioritize your goals so you can reach financial independence by following your own path. 

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The Journeyer Stages:

Explorer: You are working on financial stability.

Cadet: You are working on debt freedom.

Aviator: You are working on financial security.

Commander: You are working on work flexibility.

Captain: You have achieved financial independence.

In addition to economic capital, this book also talks about the importance of “community and social capital”. This is something that again, we often overlook on our path to financial independence because we forget the importance of relationships and how much it matters in our well-being. Especially if we’re not born into wealth or have a lot of money, social capital is vital. I’ve seen this first hand, when our neighbour took care of me when my dad was studying abroad and my mom had to work long hours doing shifts. Also when our family friend carried my mom on her back to the nearest hospital when she hurt her back and we couldn’t afford to call a cab. Jamila explains how she leveraged her social capital to build a successful business and why it’s important to not just focus on economic capital.  

For those of you who are looking for a good Christmas present for a friends or family members who could benefit from Jamila’s compassionate and relatable financial advice, buy this book. It’s been chosen by Amazon Editors as one of the best nonfictions books for Dec 2023!

Jamila’s publisher has generously given me a copy of “Your Journey to Financial Freedom” to give away to a lucky reader today.

Take this quiz and comment below and tell me which Journeyer level (Cadet, Aviator, Commander, Capitan) you are and I will choose a winner (this is only open to US readers. Sorry international readers).

Today is our last post of the 2023, and what a year it has been, both in our personal lives and on the financial markets. This truly was the year of extremes, with us having to endure the loss of Wanderer’s father, a new addition to our family, and oh yeah, one of the most unpredictable stock market rides in decades. Thanks to all our loyal readers who stuck with us. You’ve made writing this blog one of the best “jobs” we’ve ever had, and a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you.

This was the year that we hit the cold hard reality that time with our families is not forever. Please spend as much time with yours.

See you in 2024!

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