Listen: Top 3 Bank Automation News podcasts of 2023

Among themes discussed on Bank Automation News’ most popular “The Buzz” podcast episodes this year are:  

  • Improving customer experience;  
  • Navigating ChatGPT for finance implications; and  
  • Preparing for FedNow 

Listen to the top 3 podcasts of 2023: 

  1. Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions improves CX, grows revenue 34%

Naveed Anwar, global head of digital and data platforms at Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions, discusses in this episode of “The Buzz” podcast how Citi has improved its customer experience and grown revenue through platform modernization and a more strategic approach to data.  

“Our platform technology is able to mine a vast body of data to help TTS understand client preferences and needs as well as predict them, ultimately providing clients with relevant competitive insights in today’s [digital economy],” Anwar tells BAN. 

  1. ChatGPT and the power of AI tech for banks

The combination of ChatGPT and existing knowledge models can enhance customer engagement, improve efficiencies and heighten security, Sanat Rao, chief executive and head of SaaS provider Infosys Finacle, tells BAN in this episode of “The Buzz.” 

“I think the exploding of this tool [ChatGPT] has to be seen in the context of a variety of other changes that are presently already happy in the industry,” Rao says.  

  1. Financial institutions prep for FedNow July launch

Financial institutions looked to tech providers and industry experts to prepare for the July launch of the payments rail FedNow. 

FIs must gear up for the launch by prepping their tech stacks, selecting tech provider partners and reviewing their connectivity and bandwidth to support the rail, Al Carpetto, head of payments strategy at tech provider Finastra, tells BAN in this episode of “The Buzz.”  

“There’s a lot of little parts and pieces that need to be paid attention to,” Carpetto says, noting that FIs should review internal channels, put 24/7 operations into place and approach treasury planning from a settlement perspective. 

Since FedNow launched, more than 220 institutions have gone live on the payments rail, including $3.9 trillion JPMorgan Chase and $1.8 trillion Wells Fargo, according to the Federal Reserve. 

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