Asda now price matches Aldi and Lidl

Asda is the first supermarket to match prices with both Lidl and Aldi, giving you savings on 287 everyday items.

asda aldi lidl price match

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Starting today, Asda has upped its game on price-matching!

They now match prices with Aldi and Lidl on 287 everyday items.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll see prices drop by an average of 17% on things you buy all the time.

What’s included?

This isn’t just about a few random items.

We’re talking about the essentials – milk, bread, cheese, tea, coffee, fresh meat, fruits & veggies, beans, pasta, rice, and breakfast cereals.

Products that feature in the Aldi and Lidl Price Match

Asda Mini Chicken Breast Fillets 650g£5.40p£4.32p£1.08p
Asda Whole Chicken 1.7kg large£5.40p£4.04p£1.36p
Asda Salmon Fillets 240g£4.80p£3.79p£1.01p
Asda Lean Beef Mince 500g£3.75p£3.49p£0.26p
Asda Extra Special Cheddar Cheese 300g£3.80p£2.99p£0.81p
Asda White Muffins 4 pack£0.80p£0.69p£0.11p
Asda GC Cereal Flakes 500g£1.40p£0.99p£0.41p
Asda Golden Tea Bags 80 pack£2.00p£1.39p£0.61p
Asda Easy Cook Long Grain Rice 1kg£1.50p£1.25p£0.25p
Asda Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce 500g£1.20p£0.99p£0.21p
Just Essentials by Asda Baked Beans 410g£0.28p£0.27p£0.01p
Asda Straight Cut Oven Chips 1.5kg£2.45p£1.65p£0.80p
Asda Carrots 1kg£0.65p£0.39p£0.26p
Asda Jazz Apples 6 pack£2.00p£1.89p£0.11p
Loose Bananas per kg£0.99p£0.90p£0.09p

You can find a full current product list and their pricing verification here.

Other savings

This Aldi and Lidl price match is part of Asda’s ongoing effort to offer value.

They’ve got other things like Price Drop and Asda Rewards. With Asda Rewards, their loyalty scheme, you can earn cash, not just points, for shopping.

David Hills, Asda’s Chief Customer Officer, shared some thoughts.

He says Asda has always aimed to help families stretch their budgets.

With the Aldi and Lidl Price Match, they’re making life easier and more affordable for their customers.

Whether you shop in-store, at their new Asda Express stores, or online, they’re all about value and convenience.

Sainsbury’s and Tesco also offer an Aldi Price Match. However, they do not cover the prices in Lidl.


Which products are included in the Asda price match?

Asda is price-matching Aldi and Lidl on 287 products. These include daily essentials like milk, bread, cheese, tea, coffee, fresh meat, fruits and veggies, beans, pasta, rice, and breakfast cereals.

How often are the prices updated in the Asda price match?

The prices are checked and updated twice a week.

This ensures that Asda always offers the best deal by matching the lowest prices found at Aldi and Lidl during these checks.

Can I find these price-matched products in all Asda stores?

Mostly, yes. You’ll find these price-matched products in many Asda stores across England, Scotland, and Wales.

However, they might not be available in Asda Express stores.

Always look for the Price Match tick in-store or check the online list for the latest information.

Are there any exceptions to the price match?

Yes, there are a few.

Asda doesn’t price match in Northern Ireland, and alcohol products are compared differently due to minimum unit pricing in Scotland and Wales.

Also, the price match excludes multi-buy offers and ‘member prices’ at Aldi and Lidl.

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