For one wealth practice, reimagining the workspace has done wonders

“It’s a great environment to share ideas and discuss clients,” McClelland says. “Along with getting people out of their own offices, I think it’s really helped us to become a more cohesive group of advisors.

“We haven’t seen any complaints. If anything, the more senior advisors actually enjoy the bullpen,” he says. “Before, we’d be in our own rooms from nine in the morning to six at night, and just going out to have our lunch. Now we’re moving back and forth between rooms, and I think it’s a better dynamic for the team.”

Like many other practices, the McClelland Financial Group was quick to transition to a 100% remote work setup during the COVID pandemic crisis of 2020. In 2021, they moved to a hybrid schedule with people spending two days a week in the office; last year, that was ramped up to four.

Recognizing the benefits of remote setups in promoting work-life balance, many wealth firms have restructured to allow advisors to spend part of their week working from home. But with the threat of COVID-19 largely in the rearview, McClelland says their practice is now transitioning back to a full five-day workweek.

“We were just not functioning well with people not being in the office,” he says. “Every time I would be looking for a person, it would be their day to not be in.”

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