[Ending Soon] Chase Ink Cash/Unlimited 90,000 Points Now Available Online

Update 1/7/24: We now have one report on applying via 75k referral link and getting a 90k match. (Just a word of caution – if it takes you a week or two to get approved, and the public link is already dead, it might be more difficult to get a match.)

Update 1/4/24: Newly generated referrals links are now showing the lower 75k offer. That would point to the 90k offer being pulled on the public platforms soon as well. We are seeing email 90k offers showing an end date of at least January 9th, so the public links will likely last at least that long. Chase affiliates have been told the offer is ending on January 18th at 9am EST. (Note: previously generated referral link still show 90k. DEAD) It still should be possible to apply via referral link and then message Chase and ask for a match. YMMV

Update 10/2/23: Update referral links are now showing these offers. At this stage we will not be creating a post to share your referrals. Please do not share them in the comments below.

Update 9/21/23: This offer is back now as a publicly available offer. Not (yet) available via referral links, though it’ll likely work to apply via referral link and then Secure Message them to get matched to the public offer.

The Offer

Direct links to offer: Ink Business Cash | Ink Business Unlimited | Please use a reader’s referral link when applying for this card

  • Chase is now offering 90,000 points/$900 cash back after $6,000 in spend within the first 3 months of account opening

Our Verdict

Previously this was available in branch only, now available online now. These are great offers with a relatively low spend requirement for a business card offer. We will add these to our list of the best credit card bonuses. You can match to these offers, more information here.

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