Ink Referrals Now Showing 75K Offer, Chase Matching to 90K

Chase Ink Referrals Now Showing 75K Offer

🔃 Update: If you apply, or have applied through a 75K referral link, send a message to Chase and ask them to match the 90K Ink Business Cash/Unlimited offer which is currently available publicly. There are many datapoints available that Chase is matching these offers. That should give you a total bonus of 130,000 Ultimate Rewards points.

➡️ Original article: Earlier today, new Chase Ink referrals started showing a lower welcome offer of 75,00 Ultimate Rewards points instead of the 90,000 points offer. However, older links were still showing the elevated offers.

Now all referral links are showing the 75,00 Ultimate Rewards points, so there’s no longer an option to earn the 40,000 referral bonus and the 90,000 welcome bonus. 

We also wrote earlier that the elevated offers for Chase Ink Business Unlimited and Chase Ink Business Cash will end on January 18th, at 9am EST.

If you plan to apply, going through a referral link should still be the better option if you have a friend or family member who can refer you. You will end up getting a total of 115,000 points instead of 90,000 for applying through direct or affiliate links.

Disclaimer: I receive part of the commission when you use any of the links in this article to apply for credit cards through

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