Technology plays a key role in better client relationships, study reveals

The study included interviews with individual investors, including those not using advisors, and advisors at wirehouse firms and independent broker-dealers across North America.

It revealed that:

  • Clients decide to work with an advisor primarily because they have no time to focus on investing, investing becomes too complex, or they are seeking validation about their choices. For these reasons, personalization, convenience, and efficiency are paramount in financial planning. 
  • Clients value tools, and an active role in their advisor meetings, aiming for a partnership. They want access to decision-making tools and future scenario visualization.
  • Clients want modern, tailored, credible financial experiences, while advisors understand the importance of meeting these expectations for trust-building through transparency and investor education.

The study highlights how the use of technology can help advisors overcome these challenges and build trust with clients through enhanced transparency, enabled proactive communication and better investor access to data and proposals.

Last year CapIntel announced a strategic partnership with Conquest Planning that gives advisors access to the AI-based strategic advice manager (SAM) through CapIntel’s financial technology platform, used by around 12,000 advisors.

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