we got a much more conservative country under the Tories. The inequality in excess deaths proves it.

As the Guardian notes this morning:

Danny Kruger, a leading backbencher and founder of the increasingly influential New Conservatives group, said the Conservatives risked being ejected from power this year having left the country “sadder, less united and less conservative” than they found it.

Kruger is, of course, as wrong on this as he is on everything else I have ever heard him talk about. Another Guardian report on work on the impact of inequality in the distribution of excess deaths in the UK over much of their period in office is clear evidence of that. As his work found, excess deaths were distributed by income decile as follows:

Tory policies worked, without a doubt. We did have a Conservative country. Disadvantaged people died as a result, which is a trend that the Party seems determined to continue going forward.

We did not get a less conservative country under the Tories. We got a more conservative one. It’s just that, as ever, Kruger looked in the wrong place to find his evidence. Looking at his privileged mates was an insufficient sample base from which to draw conclusions, but that’s all Tories do now, as Sir Howard Davies also proved last week.

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