American Express Blue Business Cash: Add An Employee Card & Earn $100 With $4,000 Spendt (Up To 99 Employees)

The Offer

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  • American Express is offering Blue Business Cash cardholders $100 when they add an employee card and the employee card spends $4,000 within six months.
  • You can add up to 99 employees for a total of $9,900 back.

Our Verdict

This isn’t as good as the targeted 20,000 points offer on other business cards, but still could be a nice offer for someone doing the spend anyway. (Is this offer public for all Blue Business Cash cardholders?) You don’t need to supply a SSN when adding an employee card, but the employee needs to add it within 60 days otherwise the account will be closed.

Hat tip to GodLovesFrags

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