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[Targeted] AmEx Offer: Split A Charge (Venmo/PayPal) & Get A $10 Credit


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Update 1/10/24: Deal is back through 3/4/24; send $30 and get back $10. (ht ToP)

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Split a charge and get up to $15 back.
    1. Enroll in Send & Split.
    2. Split a transaction in the Amex App with Venmo or PayPal users (tap any charge, then tap ‘Split It’).
    3. Once you’re paid back at least $15 to your Amex Card by your friends, we’ll give you an additional $5 credit to your enrolled Card.

The Fine Print

  • Valid until January 17, 2023
  • Once enrolled, you may earn the bonus credit by: (i) splitting a charge on your Card using Send & Split; and (ii) being paid back to your American Express Card by Venmo/Paypal users in the form of a statement credit in the amount equal to or greater than $15 by 1/17/2023.
  • Each time you split an eligible transaction and get paid back $15 or more to your Card, you will receive an additional $5 statement credit from American Express on the Card you enrolled with, up to 3 times (total of $15).

Our Verdict

Bit of an annoying promotion to complete, but basically a free $15.

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View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions about American Express offers then read this post.


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