House Refurbishment Trends in the UK: What’s New in 2024?

Many house owners in the UK are opting for home renovation rather than building or buying a new house because of the soaring real estate costs. Renovating your house is a cost-effective way to increase the functionality of your place and ensure the new style aligns with your requirements. House renovation increases the value of the property and gives more comfort. Let’s explore the latest house refurbishment trends in the UK that will become extremely popular in 2024. 

Top House Refurbishment Trends In The UK For 2024 


House Refurbishment Trends in the UK


Here are the top Fittra home refurbishment London trends for 2024.

1. Wall paneling 

Wall paneling is a popular trend that was famous in the 1970s and it will come around in 2024. Initially, wood wall paneling was utilized for adding a design element to an empty area or for insulation. Wood wall panels add depth, warmth, and texture to any space. In addition to that, the wood panels have the capacity to deter sound disruption in flats. 

2. Open concept 

Open concept is another popular refurbishment trend in the UK. Many homeowners are remodeling their homes to fit the open space concept. For example, they are removing non-load-bearing partition walls so that there will be more open areas with interconnected spaces. Homeowners who want to make their homes look spacious are interested in the open space concept. This way, your home can have more natural light and air. 

3. Colorful kitchens 

In the last few years, plain kitchens, mostly in white and black, became a standard due to the minimalistic design. However, many homeowners are no longer interested in white and grayscale themes. In 2024, colorful kitchens will become the most viral kitchen renovation trend. 

People want to mix bold, bright colors with natural wood shades in order to create a warm, cozy space. Some people want to use a single-statement bold color to create a focal point in the kitchen. If you want, you can use contrast color combinations for cabinets and backsplash depending on the color of your lighting and appliances. 

4. Home offices 

In recent years, home office renovation has been one of the top trends and it is still popular in 2024. The home office renovation allows people to work from home without much difficulty. You can renovate an existing extra room into your home office by adding a working desk, chair, and other decor items. 

If you have loft space, it can also be converted into a cozy home office area. For home office renovation, many people choose garage and shed areas as well. If there is extra space, you can also build a home library. 

5. Blended backsplash 

One of the most anticipated home refurbishment trends in the UK is the blending backsplashes. In general, only one type of tile is used for the backsplash. However, the blended backsplash design is where people utilize two backsplash materials in order to develop an accent area. 

It is possible to select one type of tile for the main backsplash. Then, you can use a contrast material at the back of the range to create a vibrant space. You can use quartz slabs, accent tiles, or any other material as the second backsplash material. 

6. Mud-laundry room 

In order to keep their home clean, many homeowners want to renovate their houses to build a mud laundry room in 2024. It is a combined laundry and mudroom that is mostly attached to sheds or garages. This room provides storage space and also works as a drop-zone to remove muddy clothes. 

Most of the mud laundry rooms also have a separate entrance to the house. This way, people can leave their dirty clothes, shoes, and other stuff in the mud laundry room before entering their house. When building a mud laundry room, it is vital to have a utility sink, built-in cabinets, shelves, and hooks to store and hang stuff. 

7. Fluted wood 

Many homeowners want to renovate their houses using fluted wood for kitchen islands, cabinets, nightstands, and even furniture. Some people are interested in using fluted faux panels to build separating walls in large rooms, which creates a warm, cozy look. 

8. Green pavers 

Homeowners want to add greenery between the pavers to create a lush, natural look. You can grow grass between the garden paths or plant small shrubs around the patio covers. The green pavers will increase the aesthetic appeal of your yard. 

9. Warm neutrals  

Another viral house renovation trend in the UK is warm neutrals, like off-whites, beiges, and browns. They have the ability to create a calm atmosphere. Also, they can be combined with various patterns and textures. 

10. Appliance garage 

The appliance garage trend is nothing but proper storage solutions in the kitchen area. You can hide coffee machines, blenders, air fryers, and other appliances that take up the countertop space in these cabinets. This helps you keep the kitchen clean. 



We have listed the top 2024 home refurbishments in the UK that focus on increasing the functionality of your home, making it energy-efficient, and adding a warm touch to your house. If you want to renovate your house, it is recommended to contact a professional home refurbishment company for safe, authorized, and quick renovations.

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