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Video v Podcast

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About a year ago, I tried to produce a podcast called The Account, and for all sorts of reasons, it did not really work. To be candid, everything took too long to produce because multiple software tasks were involved.

A year on, it seems that a number of platforms have made massive advances in an attempt to solve this commonly faced problem and that this exercise might now be considerably easier.

However, before spending much time on this, it is clear that a pretty fundamental question has to be answered, and that is whether the right approach is to produce video or audio only.

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I will be candid: video will simply be me as a talking head. Appreciating that most people I have discussed this with, including those who are younger than the average reader here, say that they would probably prefer a podcast, audio-only format.

But what do you think?

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And for those who ask, it seems producing transcripts is now a lot easier, even if they are AI-generated, but they seem pretty good, so I would always plan to post them as well.

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