What do Canadian investors want from their advisors?

The survey also asked Canadians what keeps them with their current advisors. 65 per cent of respondents said that they’re staying because their advisor “understands my situation/preferences well.” 59 per cent said they’re staying because of a trusted relationship built over time.

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Investment performance was only cited as a reason by around 30 per cent of respondents. Competitive fees were cited by just over 20 per cent and the use of the latest technology was cited by less than 10 per cent of respondents.

The single most popular communication format among respondents was face-to-face, which 41 per cent prefer. 28 per cent said they prefer email, 18 per cent want phone calls, only 10 per cent said they want video calls, and 3 per cent said they want text messages. Remote communication on aggregate was the majority, but was clearly quite divided between media.

Most respondents don’t want overly frequent check-ins from their advisors. 33 per cent said they expect their advisor to check in twice a year, while 32 per cent said they prefer a quarterly check in about their investment strategy.

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