What’s behind IG’s new push to hire advisors?

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Lamba says that the advisors IG is now looking for are those who are focused on planning. He says the firm is looking to grow through thriving practices that want to address complexity in their clients’ lives. Those could be advisors from independents, or big brokerages. He also takes some pride in the diversity of IG’s hires to date, noting that 40% of the new advisors IG has taken on are women. That, he says, is more a product of who is attracted to IG than any targeted hiring practices on their part.

Lamba’s case for IG extends beyond just culture and personal fit. He notes that their recruitment strategy is informed by past joiners who tend to say that they lack support and adequate compensation at their previous firms. Lamba says IG offers a competitive compensation package, and transition loan program. He notes that the firm has invested heavily in its support systems as well.

IG’s tech stack is full of tools that Lamba believes puts IG among the best equipped firms in the country. That includes Conquest as their financial planning software, as well as CapIntel — a proposal tool — and Nesto for mortgages. Their system is also digitally integrated, meaning their tools can talk to one another which Lamba believes can help advisors save time and eliminate redundant work.

Within that tech stack and automation there has been a focus on compliance work and expediting those administrative tasks. Client meetings are automatically added into contact management software. Transactions come with automatic alerts to ensure all compliance requirements are met, too. Lamba says their approach to compliance is more focused on simplicity and automation, which he hopes will attract more advisors who want a less onerous compliance experience.

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