The Tories face being wiped out by the TCP ( the Tory Continuity Party), which is also known as LINO (Labour In Name Only)

The Telegraph features a constituency-based opinion poll of 14,000 people conducted by YouGov, funded by unknown Tory supporters, this morning that predicts that the election result would be as follows:

The article does not appear to be behind the usual Telegraph paywall.

These are what the Telegraph think the important results, but with the impact of Reform show:

It is suggested that the SNP will fall to 25 seats.

The Reform impact is interesting. It shows that in a first-past-the-post system, bizarre outcomes arise. But will the Tories listen and support PR? I doubt it.

What I do not recall doubt is that sometime in the next twelve months, the TCP (Tory Continuity Party), sometimes called LINO (Labour In Name Only), will win a general election, and the ethos of neoliberal government will roll onward, as destructive as it has been for decades.

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