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Aldi’s big price drop on everyday items


Aldi announces major price cuts on over 40 popular items, making your weekly shop more affordable. Save on essentials from coffee to pet food.

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Credit: Aldi
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Aldi, already celebrated for its budget-friendly prices, has announced some exciting news.

To keep your shopping bills low, Aldi is slicing prices on over 40 of its most popular products.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, 17 January 2024, you can expect to see some significant savings on a range of items that probably feature on your regular shopping list.

What’s on offer?

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From your morning coffee to your pet’s dinner, Aldi has covered a wide range of essentials.

Prices are being reduced by up to 17%!

Here are a few examples of what’s getting cheaper:

  • The Fishmonger Tuna Chunks in Spring water – now just 59p
  • Bramwells Premium Baked Beans – down to 42p
  • Bramwells Spaghetti Loops 400g – lowered to 39p
  • Bramwells Tomato Soup 400g – now 62p
  • Fiesta Fajita Kit 500g – reduced to £1.79
  • Cucina Pasta Sauce – now just 75p
  • Earls Dog Chew Bones – now 75p
  • Alcafe Instant Coffee Freeze Dried – down to £2.35

…and many more (see the complete list below)!

Aldi – the cheapest

This isn’t the first time Aldi has been in the spotlight for its low prices.

Recently, the consumer group Which? named Aldi the Cheapest Supermarket of the Year for 2023.

They even found Aldi a whopping 23% cheaper than the average Big Four supermarket for a typical Christmas shop.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s match prices with Aldi, and Asda matches the prices of both Lidl and Aldi, so it likely won’t be long until we see lower costs across other supermarkets, too.

Full list of price cuts

ProductOld priceNew price
The Fishmonger Pink Salmon 213g£1.55£1.39
The Fishmonger Tuna Chunks in Brine£0.72£0.65
The Fishmonger Tuna Chunks in Springwater£0.72£0.59
The Fishmonger 4pk Tuna Chunks in Brine£2.69£2.59
The Fishmonger 4pk Tuna chunks in water£2.69£2.59
Bramwells Seasons Red Kidney Beans£0.59£0.49
Four Seasons Butter & Cannellini Beans£0.59£0.49
Bramwells Premium Baked Beans£0.45£0.42
Four Seasons Chickpeas 425ml£0.55£0.49
Four Seasons Black Beans / Green Lentils£0.59£0.49
Bramwells Spaghetti Loops 400g£0.43£0.39
Bramwells Cream of Tomato Soup 400g£0.67£0.62
Bramwells Vegetable/Minestrone Soup 400g£0.67£0.62
Bramwells Chicken/Mushroom Soup£0.67£0.62
Bramwells Oxtail Soup£0.67£0.62
Bramwells Lentil/Pea & Ham Soup£0.67£0.62
Bramwells BBQ Sauce£0.99£0.89
Fiesta Fajita Kit Mixed 500g£1.99£1.79
Cucina Pasta Bake£0.75£0.72
Cucina Pasta Sauce£0.79£0.75
Cucina Lasagne Sauces£0.79£0.75
Cucina Bolognese Pasta Sauce£0.79£0.75
Earls Dog Chew Bones£0.85£0.75
Earls Dog Pouch Selection 12x100g£3.15£2.99
Earls Dog Biscuits 500g£1.05£0.95
Vitacat Cat Pouch Selection 12x100g£2.99£2.79
Vitacat Standard Cat Pouch 48pk£11.49£10.99
Earls Dog Food Can 400g£0.69£0.65
Earls 6pk Dog Food Can 400g£3.79£3.49
Carlos Cheese and Garlic Pizza Bread 236g£1.25£1.15
Four Seasons Steak Cut Chips 1.5kg£2.09£1.99
Harvest Morn Multigrain Hoops 375g£0.99£0.89
Alcafe Instant Coffee Freeze Dried£2.49£2.35
Grandessa Squeezy Honey£1.25£1.09
Butchers Select Sausages – Cumberland / Lincolnshire£1.89£1.79
Everyday Essentials Raspberries 125g£1.49£1.39
Nature’s Pick Blackberries 150g£1.89£1.59
Nature’s Pick Blackberries 150g£2.19£1.99
Nature’s Pick Strawberries 227g£1.89£1.79
Everyday Essentials Strawberries 227g£1.89£1.69
Nature’s Pick Raspberries 150g£0.90£0.89
Nature’s Pick Aubergine£0.67£0.65
Nature’s Pick Chopped Iceberg 200g£0.62£0.59
Everyday Essentials Mushrooms 650g£1.89£1.79
Nature’s Pick Beetroot 500g£2.99£2.79
Nature’s Pick Watermelon Each£1.19£1.15
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