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Chase Spending Bonus for Q1, Check Your Offers for Jan-March


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Chase Spending Bonus for Q1 2024

Chase Spending Bonus for Q1 2024

馃攦 Update: Check again for these new offers, if you weren鈥檛 seeing Q1 offer yet.

From January 1 through March 31, 2024, Chase is offering many cardmembers additional points or miles for select purchases. You can often earn bonus points or miles on select categories such as gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. There鈥檚 normally a limit on the spending where you can earn the extra rewards, but it can vary from one offer to the other.

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The offers are targeted and have been sent out by email. You can also check the general bonus link, or card specific links. Check out the details below and see if your cards are eligible for a Chase Q1 spending bonus.

The Offers

Offer vary by card. Some of the offers I have seen so far include:

Check the general Chase My Bonus page, to see if you are eligible for any of these offers. If you have links to card specific pages, please share in the comments. Some people are getting errors, or messages that they have already enrolled in an offer. If that鈥檚 the case, you can check again in a few days.

Important Terms

  • Offer valid for purchases made between 1/1/2024 and 3/31/2024.
  • To be eligible for this bonus offer, you must activate by 3/31/24 11:59 p.m. E.T.
  • Merchants who accept Visa/Mastercard credit cards are assigned a merchant code, which is determined by the merchant or its processor in accordance with Visa/Mastercard procedures based on the kinds of products and services they primarily sell.
  • This bonus offer is non-transferable.

Guru鈥檚 Wrap-up

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You need to be eligible for these offers and also activate them before using your cards. It looks like there鈥檚 a wide variety of offers. You can possibly find other offers as well, so let me know if you see anything different.

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Disclaimer: I receive part of the commission when you use any of the links in this article to apply for credit cards through


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