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The insanity of the modern Tory party

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I watched news reports on the insanity that has gripped the Tories last night.

Two vice chairs have resigned as has the odd junior government appointee.

Scores of Tory rebels poured into lobbies to vote against their own government, all to no avail, as Labour abstained.

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And why did they do this? Their goal is to send 200 people they claim to be illegal migrants (when there is no such thing) to Rwanda, which will make precisely no difference at all to the actual migration problem the UK faces or to the odds of successfully making it to the UK amongst those who are sufficiently desperate to seek to do so.

I wonder whether so much political insanity has ever been expended on an idea so stupid, and am sure that someone will come up with something equivalent. I cannot, however, think what it might be in my lifetime. This event has the capacity to make Brexit look relatively sensible.

It is as if the Tiry party has lost all touch with reality.

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Or, they have given up on governing and want to play silly games instead.

Then, maybe, it’s just that they all know that they will be looking for jobs with then extreme right-wing think tanks quite soon as the electorate expels them from the Commons, and so they are lining up their credentials as purveyors of political madness.

Suppose, for a moment, that this government had put one per cent of the effort it has put into Rwanda into tackling child poverty, pensioner poverty, poverty amongst those with disabilities, and poverty created by DWP sanctions. Think how much good that might do.

Or suppose they actually cared about the NHS or social care. Or, to be very middle-class, dentistry.

Perhaps they could also have got worried about education or the threat to universities from falling numbers of overseas students that also threatens the UK’s balance of payments.

But no, they decided that sending people to Rwanda was what mattered most of all.

That is the insanity of the modern Tory party. There is no other appropriate word to describe it.

I have no love for Labour’s Tory Continuity Party (TCP), but it is better than this.

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