How Chime® Member Irv Uses SpotMe® to Close Income Gaps

Chime’s SpotMe offers fee-free overdraft of up to $200 on debit card purchases and cash withdrawals.* When Irv uses SpotMe, his next deposit is applied to his negative balance. Plus, with SpotMe Boost, fellow Chime members can “boost” Irv, which makes him eligible for a temporary SpotMe limit increase. 

When he’s between checks and tight on cash, SpotMe can help Irv pay for an equipment rental, his Uber ride to a gig, or his tab when he’s with friends at a restaurant and a little short. “SpotMe has made me more confident in knowing I can get where I need to be,” he says. “Or if something comes up, I’ll still be okay.”

Besides SpotMe, Irv has also found Chime’s Get Paid Early feature, which helps members get paid up to two days earlier than some traditional banks¹, keeps his cash flow steady. To use this feature, just set up direct deposit once you open a Chime checking account, and boom! Your direct deposits can drop up to two days early.

Now that Irv doesn’t have to pay overdraft fees, he’s freed up money each month to buy more food and add gear to his home recording studio. “I can buy better mics, stands, instrument cables, instruments, VSTs, plug-ins – all the things that go into making my musical life work,” he says. 

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