The best credit cards for fleet fuel

If you own a small business with a fleet of vehicles, a fleet fuel card can help you manage expenses and earn rewards. The best fleet fuel cards are equipped with savings features and expense management tools designed specifically for fleet operations.

These cards typically come with a base rate of 2 to 8 cents back on every gallon of fuel, and some even provide additional discounts at specific gas stations.

Unlike regular business credit cards, fleet fuel cards are used solely for fuel-related expenses. Keep reading to learn more about the best cards in the fleet fuel space, including which one might be right for your business.

What is a fleet fuel card?

A fleet fuel card is an alternative to a business gas credit card and is specifically designed for businesses with multiple vehicles (a “fleet”). These cards offer fuel rebates and features to simplify tracking and help you manage expenses across your active cards.


Fleet cards typically function as business charge cards, which means that you must pay your balance in full each month. Some fuel cards allow you to carry a balance, but they usually offer a lower fuel rebate.

Most fleet cards don’t require a personal guarantee, so they tend to be more accessible than traditional business credit cards that require a personal credit check.

Best fleet fuel credit cards

The best fuel fleet cards offer a combination of flexibility, control and savings, with fuel rebates at almost any gas station and additional savings through extensive partner networks. They also give you the ability to track your spending, manage receipts and maintain control over individual card usage. Here are some of the best options currently available.


AtoB is a technology company that offers fuel cards, along with an expense management platform and a dedicated mobile app. With tools like AtoB Unlimited and AtoB Flex, users can enjoy discounts of up to 12 cents per gallon at gas stations and up to 84 cents per gallon on truck diesel, accessed through the AtoB app.

AtoB’s cards don’t limit you to a particular fuel brand, although discounts are available at participating stations within the AtoB partner network.

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Coast fuel and fleet cards offer savings of up to 4 cents off on gas purchases and 1% back on non-fuel purchases like maintenance, equipment, restaurants and hotels.


You can use your Coast card anywhere Visa is accepted. You’ll also gain access to Coast’s expense management platform, which allows you to track spending across all active cards and set parameters for each individual fuel card, including restrictions on certain purchase categories.


WEX offers a variety of fleet cards, though we recommend the WEX Fleet FlexCard for small businesses. The card has no setup cost or monthly fees and allows you to carry a balance with interest charges. A promotional rebate of 3 cents per gallon is available for the first 180 days.

While you can only use the card within the WEX network of over 45,000 gas stations, including major chains like BP, Exxon and Shell, the WEX FlexCard includes the expected expense management tools most fleet cards offer.


Another option to consider is Fuelman, which offers a range of fleet cards, including diesel-only options and access to a network of over 50,000 gas stations.

If you’re looking for substantial discounts, the Fuelman Mixed Fleet card offers a base rebate of 8 cents per gallon for the first year. However, there are additional fees and potential penalties for missed payments or low credit scores.

The information for the cards above has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Bottom line

Fleet fuel credit card features vary, depending on the issuer and partner network, with branded fuel cards offering above-average rebates at specific gas station chains like Shell or Exxon. Meanwhile, fleet cards that run on major credit card networks, like Visa or Mastercard, offer base rebates of 2 to 3 cents per gallon with the potential for larger rebates through partner networks.

With several options available, you’ll want to consider what type of fleet fuel card is right for your business. Remember that you can always look to TPG for help with this and with the more general business cards on the market.

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