Win a Dinner, Give a Dinner – win £10 supermarket voucher

Enter the free Win a Dinner, Give a Dinner contest for a chance to win supermarket vouchers and help provide meals to those in need.

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Premier Foods is running a competition called “Win a Dinner, Give a Dinner.”

It’s all about winning some vouchers for yourself and helping out others at the same time.

The promotion supports the food distribution charity FareShare, with winners getting a £10 supermarket voucher, plus a donation of £10 will be given to Fareshare.

Here’s what you need to know to try and win.

How to enter?

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It’s a free to enter giveaway, so you don’t need to buy anything to try and win.

You must be over 18 and add your name and email to the site.

There are 5,000 £10 supermarket vouchers up for grabs, and winners are randomly selected at winning moments over the entry period.

You can enter once EVERY day per email address with a maximum of four prizes for each household.

If you win, you can choose a £10 e-voucher for either Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, or Morrisons. 

When you claim your prize, a £10 donation will also be made to FareShare by Premier Foods, which helps redistribute surplus food and turn it into meals. The hope is to provide 420,000 meals in a single year through “Win a Dinner, Give a Dinner”.

If you want to instead, you can opt to make a winner’s donation and pass on your gift card to FareShare instead of keeping the money for yourself.

FareShare has helped 8,500 local charities and over 1 million people have received food with their support.

You will see promotion packs of Ambrosia, Angel Delight, Bird’s, Bisto, Homepride, Loyd Grossman, McDougalls, Mr Kipling, OXO, Paxo and Sharwood’s in stores until March 2024. However, you can claim prizes until the end of October 2024.

In the past, this competition was only at Tesco, but now it’s at all the big shops, so more people can join in.

So, if you want to have a chance to win a voucher and help others get a meal, just pop onto their website, enter your details, and fingers crossed!

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