GAME’s Trade-In Programme ends (13 alternative options)

GAME is ending its trade-in programme for old consoles, games, and accessories. Here are other options to get cash for your unwanted stuff.

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From 16 February 2024, GAME, a big name in the gaming world, will stop its Trade-In programme.

This means you won’t be able to trade in your old consoles, games, or gaming accessories at GAME stores for credit anymore.

The 2% Game Reward points for Game Elite members on trade-ins will stop. But, any points you’ve already earned, stay safe and sound.

Once their current stock is gone, GAME will no longer sell pre-owned games and consoles, in-store or online.

So, if you’ve got stuff to trade, head in and get trading or hang onto it and use the alternative suggestions below.

Buy why?

GAME has said that this wasn’t an easy decision for them.

They’ve always appreciated their customers’ support and loyalty and are still determined to offer top-notch service to all the gaming fans out there.

Alternative to GAME Trade-In

While it’s a bit sad to see this option go, it’s also a chance to explore new ways to keep your gaming collection fresh or just pick up the cash through other places.

There are loads of other ways to swap games or find affordable ones.

Music Magpie

With musicMagpie, you can either enter the barcode of your game or use their free app with a barcode scanner to get an immediate price for your unwanted game.

You send them in for free, and they pay you cash the same day they arrive.

They will take Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation games and many more.


Amazon offers a trade in service and will give you a gift card in exchange for used consoles.

When you decide what console you want to trade in, they give you a free pre-paid label, and you send it in. It can take up to 10 days to receive your gift card.


Cex is both on the high street and online, which may be a good option if you don’t want to send your unwanted games or console in the post.

If you are selling online, the value of the games must have a minimum value of over £5. You can choose PayPal, a CeX voucher or a bank transfer. There is no minimum for in-store selling, and you can select a payout in cash, CeX voucher or bank transfer.


GameXchange offers a decent cash price for second-hand games and, when comparing the top chart games this week, offers £193 in cash more than GAME (so why go there anyway?)

They also offer a quote guarantee if you find a better price with one of their competitors.

If you are a Blue Light Card holder, you can get a 20% bonus on all trade-ins and cash sales.

Other options

Rather than exchanging or trading in them with a company, there are a few more options you may not have considered:

Online marketplaces

Websites like eBay or Gumtree are brilliant for finding or selling second-hand games. You can set your own price, and it’s a great way to find rare or older games too.

Facebook gaming groups

There are loads of groups on Facebook where people buy, sell, or swap games. It’s a community-led way to find what you’re looking for, and sometimes, you can swap games directly with others.

Specialist gaming forums

Websites like Reddit have specific forums (like r/GameSwap or r/GameSale) where gamers exchange or sell games. It’s also a great place to chat with other gamers and get advice.

Local gaming shops

Some local, independent gaming shops offer trade-in options. They might not be as big as GAME, but they often have a good selection and might give you a fair trade or cash for your games.

Hold a swap party

Organise a game swap party with your friends or local community. You may find a gaming cafe holds an event (or ask them to hold one). Everyone brings their old games and swaps them with others. It’s a fun way to find new games to play without spending any money.

Car boot sales

You’d be surprised at what you can find! These are great for picking up games cheaply, and sometimes, you can barter or trade with sellers for the best deals.

Donate to charity shops or children’s hospitals

Many charity shops would be thrilled to receive your old games. Also, children’s hospitals often accept game donations to entertain young patients. It’s a wonderful way to give back and help others.

Gift them to friends or family

Do you know someone who might enjoy your old games? Gifting them to friends or family members, especially younger relatives just starting their gaming journey, can be a great way to pass on the fun.

Keep them

If you need the cash or want to save up for a new game, just ignore this – otherwise, hear me out!

Just box up your unwanted stuff and pop them away in the attic.

In 10 years, they’re considered retro and may come with a much higher selling price (take prices today for C64, Atari, and NES games), particularly if they are limited edition games/covers or if you’ve never played them. From our experience, with more vintage games, this won’t work so well with any sports titles.

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