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Cardless Stops Offering Sports Team Credit Cards


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Cardless entered the credit card scene with several credit cards affiliated with sports teams from the English soccer league, as well as several US teams from different sports. Whether you were a fan of these teams or not, the cards offered some huge bonuses at times. Earning rates were also very competitive for select categories, although they were reduced in 2022.

Then Cardless added cobranded airlines credit cards with LATAM and TAP Air Portugal, as well as a Simon Amex Card. And that is probably the way Cardless plans to go from now on, as it has removed all sports team credit cards. This was first reported by Doctor of Credit.

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They had previously offered the following cards, which are no longer available for applications:

  • Boston Celtics Card
  • Cleveland Cavaliers Card
  • Liverpool FC Card
  • Manchester United Card
  • Miami Marlins Card
  • New Orleans Pelicans Card

I still have the New Orleans Pelicans Card myself and I haven’t received any notification about my accounts closing. So for now existing cardholders should be able to continue using their cards.


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