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How to Save Money on Pets

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Here are ten ways to save money on your pet if you love your furry friend but want to reign in your budget:

#1 Keep your pet fit and healthy

Regular physical activity and a balanced diet are essential for your pet’s long-term health and happiness. Exercise helps prevent obesity, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and even improves your pet’s mental health.

Keeping your pet fit today can minimize the need for costly treatments for preventable conditions later on. Plus, regular exercise will strengthen your bond with your pet, making it a rewarding experience for both of you.

#2 Get smart about vaccinations

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Vaccinations are essential in preventing serious diseases in pets, but they can get expensive. Fortunately, cost-effective options like mobile vet clinics and veterinary schools can significantly reduce your costs without compromising the quality of care. These clinics often provide vaccines and other routine services at lower prices, making preventive healthcare more accessible to all pet owners.

#3 Spay/neuter your pet

Spaying or neutering your pet is a responsible decision with plenty of benefits. It can prevent certain types of cancers, reduce the risk of roaming and aggression in males, and eliminate the possibility of unwanted litters. It also contributes to controlling the pet population and reduces the burden on your local pet shelters.

By avoiding the potential costs and responsibilities associated with unplanned offspring, you save money and contribute to your pet’s health and the broader welfare of your community.

#4 Be proactive about dental care

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Proactive dental care for your pet can prevent a host of health problems and save you a lot of money on future veterinary bills. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth reduces the risk of dental diseases, which aren’t just painful for your pet but can also lead to more serious systemic issues affecting the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Investing in dental toys, healthy chews, and regular dental check-ups can also help maintain your pet’s oral health both today and in the future.

#5 Groom your pet at home

Grooming your pet at home is a great way to cut costs. A bath and cut for a medium-sized dog (26 – 50 lbs.) starts at $47 at Petco, but basic dog grooming or cat grooming tasks like brushing, bathing, and nail trimming can be easily learned and done at home.7 This saves you money and strengthens your bond with your pet.

Regular grooming also helps you stay aware of any changes in your pet’s skin or coat condition, which ensures you’ll detect any potential health issues early on.

#6 Buy supplies in bulk

Buying pet supplies in bulk can save you a lot of money, especially for items with a long shelf life, like pet food, litter, and treats.

Many pet stores offer discounts for bulk purchases, and you can also take advantage of sales and special offers when they come up. As an added bonus, buying in bulk also reduces how frequently you need to go shopping, saving you even more time and money.

#7 Use coupons

Coupons can offer significant discounts on pet food, grooming products, toys, and even medications. You can find them in local newspapers, pet store flyers, or through various coupon websites.

Some pet stores also offer digital coupons through a loyalty program, though don’t forget to check the expiration dates on each coupon to ensure you use it before it expires.

#8 Comparison shop for pet insurance

Insurance costs can vary significantly based on coverage, deductibles, and your pet’s age and breed, so comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers is always a good move. Don’t just focus on the price; consider the extent of the coverage provided, customer service, and claim processing times.

Some websites offer tools to compare different pet insurance plans side by side, making it easier to make a well-informed decision.

#9 Make your own pet toys

Making your own pet toys is a fun and cost-effective way to entertain your pet. Homemade toys made from household items like old socks, towels, or cardboard boxes can be just as engaging as store-bought ones.

Getting crafty saves money and allows you to tailor toys to your pet’s specific interests and needs. Just make sure that any toys you make are safe for your pet. Avoid small parts they could accidentally swallow.

#10 Schedule routine vet check-ups

While regular veterinary check-ups might seem like an upfront cost, they’ll save you money in the long run by catching any health problems early when they’re easier and less expensive to treat. Preventive care, like vaccinations and routine blood work, can help ward off more serious illnesses, leading to lower veterinary costs over the course of your pet’s life.

If you do even a handful of these things, your pet will be healthier and happier, and your wallet will thank you, too.

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