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Travelers grows catastrophe XoL reinsurance cover 76% to $3.525bn

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US primary insurance firm Travelers has significantly increased the amount of protection it receives under its occurrence catastrophe excess-of-loss (XoL) reinsurance treaty, lifting it from 2022’s $2 billion excess of $3.5 billion, by 76% to provide $3.525 billion of cover for 2024.

travelers-insurance-imageTravelers core corporate catastrophe excess-of-loss reinsurance is the insurers main per-occurrence treaty and after a big uplift in attachment point a year ago, the firm’s retention remains static for 2024.

Back for 2022, Travelers had renewed this catastrophe reinsurance treaty at a slightly expanded level, which attached at $3 billion of losses, with 90% of a $2 billion layer above that protected.

Then, a year ago, Travelers renewed the XoL reinsurance treaty to attach higher up at $3.5 billion of losses, but with the full $2 billion layer above that covered.

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Now, the attachment is flat and the coverage significantly increased, while the limit also spans a wider layer of the insurers reinsurance tower as well.

Travelers has renewed the Corporate Catastrophe Excess-of-Loss Reinsurance Treaty for 2024 to provide $3.525 billion of cover, across a $4.5 billion layer of qualifying losses, above the same $3.5 billion attachment point. See diagram below.


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The catastrophe XoL reinsurance treaty covers the accumulation of certain property losses arising from one or
multiple occurrences for Travelers, while qualifying losses for each occurrence are after a $100 million deductible.

The way this has been structured for 2024 now takes the top of Travelers reinsurance tower to $8 billion for 2024, a significant amount more protection and greatly reducing the chances the insurer blows through the top of the tower, even for really major catastrophe loss events.

Also, by retaining a greater share of losses across each layer, Travelers has likely managed to improve the execution of its renewal, while securing greater support from reinsurance partners for 2024.

Travelers still has $575 million of reinsurance from its most recent catastrophe bond in-force, the Long Point Re IV Ltd. (Series 2022-1) issuance from May 2022.

The insurer also has a range of reinsurance renewed at the mid-year, including the addition of more hurricane protection in 2023.

Still, Travelers has not tried to reinstate any aggregate reinsurance again this year, having not renewed that for 2023.

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