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Iceland Pancake Day deal – £5 bundle inc the pan

Help kick off Pancake Day with this deal from Iceland. Get everything you need to make pancakes this Shrove Tuesday for just £5 – as well as the pan!

iceland pancake day deal
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When is Pancake Day 2024?

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Pancake Day is on Tuesday, 13 February this year.

It’s also known as Shrove Tuesday.

It changes each year, depending on when Easter falls.

Iceland Pancake Day bundle

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To help celebrate Pancake Day, Iceland is offering a flippin’ good deal!

As a special offer in the run-up to Shrove Tuesday, you’re able to pick up a pancake pan, pancake mix, a bottle of Frylight and a topping of your choice for just £5.00.

> Take a look at the offer

The pancake pan alone is worth £5, so it’s some deal – you’d batter believe it – sorry, that was Iceland’s joke, not mine!

The deal is available until just after Pancake Day on 2nd March and can be bought online and in store.

What’s in the £5 deal?

Here’s what you can get in Iceland’s £5 Pancake Day bundle:

iceland pancake bundle 2024

Pancake Mix (choose one)

  • Green’s Pancake Mix (£1.25, 155g)
  • Green’s Original Pancakes Classic Recipe (£1.25, 232g)
  • Green’s American Style Pancake Mix (£1.25, 200g)
  • Green’s Waffle Mix (£1.25, 200g)

Topping (choose one)

  • Jif Lemon Juice (75p, 100ML)
  • Clarks Maple Flavour Syrup (£1.25, 250g)
  • Hilltop Value Clear Honey (£1.25, 250g)

You can save up to £2.50 on this deal.

More deals

As well as the Pancake bundle offer, there are also more deals on a selection of pre-made pancakes at Iceland.

You can mix and match 10 for £10 on freezer favourites, get two 24 can packs of Pepsi or Tango for £17, and there is a big half price event on food and household favourite names.

If you’re shopping online, be sure to use an Iceland discount code to save even more on your food shop.

Maybe you’re planning to use up ingredients in your cupboard, so won’t need all this (take a look at this easy pancake recipe if you need reminding).

But, maybe you’re after a new pan, so this might still work out as a good deal for you.

Why have Pancake Day?

The basic idea is that you use up rich foods, like eggs, milk, and sugar, before Lent starts.

Some people choose to fast after Lent, so using up the food means less food waste.

However, not everyone has continued fasting (although there are other things you can give up over Lent to save money), but the tradition of eating pancakes is still there.

Come and join thousands of other savvy shoppers in the Reduce Your Supermarket Spend Facebook community to find out tips and tricks to save money on your food shop.

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