Missing Bolts on Plane, Bin Stores, Payment Apps Theft Skyrocketing & More

News Roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. I thought they are worth sharing so I hope you enjoy reading them.

Passenger spots missing bolts on Virgin Atlantic flight

A New York-bound Virgin Atlantic flight was canceled just moments before takeoff last week when an alarmed passenger said he spotted several screws missing from the plane’s wing.

British traveler Phil Hardy, 41, was onboard Flight VS127 at Manchester Airport in the UK on Jan. 15 when he noticed the four missing fasteners during a safety briefing for passengers and decided to alert the cabin crew. ➡️ Read more

Visiting a ‘bin store’ that sells Amazon returns for as little as 25 cents

Bin-store shopping is not for the timid or the time-constrained. Customers need to be ready to spend some time sorting through mountains of returned and overstocked items. It’s not pretty, but people willing to roll up their sleeves can find deals as low as $0.25 on everything from electronics to energy bars — expiration dates be damned. ➡️ Read more

Venmo and other payment app theft is skyrocketing

Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, Zelle and other payment apps may be convenient ways to send cash with a few taps of your smartphone, but they’re a breeding grounds for theft, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg tells CNN.

Culprits range from savvy swindlers, who trick their way into victims’ locked cell phones, to violent offenders who either drug their targets and then take advantage or bark out commands while threatening physical harm, Bragg said in an interview. ➡️ Read more

FTC bars TurboTax maker Intuit from advertising ‘deceptive’ free services

The Federal Trade Commission says the company behind the popular tax filing software TurboTax engaged in “deceptive advertising” when it ran ads for free tax services that many customers were ineligible for. Intuit was ordered Monday to stop advertising any free products and services unless they’re free for all consumers, or unless the company discloses on the ad the percentage of people who would be eligible for the unpaid offerings. ➡️ Read more

Former TSA agent shares little-known tips about getting through airport security

For starters, you can bring water, or any liquid, with you through airport security as long as it’s frozen. This is confirmed on the TSA website, which says frozen liquid items are permitted “as long as they are frozen solid when presented for screening.” ➡️ Read more

Step Into Paris Hilton’s Slivingland on Roblox to Unlock Real Hilton Honors Rewards

On January 22, Slivingland premiered an interactive Hilton hotel lobby where users can participate in a scavenger hunt to collect Hilton-branded items and claim free limited Slivingland digital wearables. In a first-of-its-kind metaverse-to-real-world activation, Hilton is giving away more than 12 million Hilton Honors Points through an exclusive virtual quest; 111 winners will revel in 111,111 Hilton Honors Points, and 11 winners will be crowned with Diamond Status for a year so they can stay like Paris at any of Hilton’s award-winning 22 brands. ➡️ Read more

Guru’s Wrap-up

Let me know if you enjoyed these articles and comment with any opinions you might have. You can also share any other interesting articles about deals, travel, credit cards and more.

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