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Many younger people have no good reason to believe in the UK so why would they fight for it?

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There has been a call made by a serving UK general for the creation of a ‘citizen’s army’ in the UK. Such is the size of the army that he suggests to be required to supposedly face Putin that conscription would probably be necessary to find the 500,000 soldiers he thinks to be necessary.

Let’s leave aside for a minute whether Russia is really a threat when it is already stretched to its apparent limits in Ukraine, also noting that Putin appears unpopular with his own population precisely because of conscription and instead wonder why any young person would want to respond to a call to arms?

Would they really want to fight for an establishment that has delivered them austerity, denying them the education that they deserve whilst leaving far too many of them in childhood poverty?

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Would they feel inclined to defend student tuition fees and the excessive tax that this unjustly imposes on so many of them?

Will those on zero-hours contracts and the prospect of the minimum wage for life really want to fight to defend that?

And I think you can be sure that they will have noted how their chances of owning a property have been made remote whilst the state has virtually withdrawn from social housing.

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There is also the small issue of climate change to consider. Almost no leading politician from a major political party is taking this issue seriously, and yet it is a reality that today’s young people know they will have to manage this situation, which is being made very much worse by current political indifference.

Then, accept that quite a lot of young people would like the place where they live to not even be a part of the UK and are being denied the chance to make that choice by Westminster.

Note, too, that young people deeply resent being sold out on Europe.

Put all that together, and does any politician really think that today’s young people would be willing to fight for the UK, let alone be conscripted to do so?

If they do, they are living in a fantasy world.

Now, of course, we know that politics exists in a fantasy world: its near-universal belief in neoliberalism guarantees that. But this call, if anyone endorsed it, would bring the person doing so face to face with the reality that the current leading political parties of the UK  are totally failing the young people of this country and their views.

No one is going to fight for something they do not believe in, and the reality is that many of our younger people have no good reason of any sort to believe in the UK.

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