There is No Need to Overpay: How to Get the Best Prices on Bark


26th Jan 2024

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How free-to-use service takes all the pressure and stress out of getting jobs done…

Last summer, I was at my wit’s end trying to find someone to paint our guttering, which looked worn and was causing me a great deal of frustration. However, lacking the expertise, ladders, and scaffolding to tackle the job myself, I felt stuck. That’s when a friend recommended To my surprise, within just two days, I found myself making cups of tea for the work crew who efficiently addressed the issue. Not only did they save me from the hassle, but their quote was also a third of what I had been previously quoted by another service.

Now, I am looking for a local dog groomer to help with my rather teethy Jack Russel Terrier. So let’s see if they come up triumph again…

Who Are Bark?

Essentially, they function as an aggregate site that assists you in finding virtually any service you need while securing competitive quotes. By collecting details about your requirements, urgency, and budget, they connect you with a perfect match for your needs.

How it Works

Bark acts more like an agent; if you provide a service, you pay them a small fee to reach out to the customer that you can help. This instantly weeds out any time-wasters, and Bark makes this clear from the off to ensure the customer is a serious buyer.

It’s easy to use for the customer and asks all the right questions to help you find what you need. It also checks whether you are researching for a hypothetical quote or urgently need the service.

Step One:

Enter what service you need in the search bar – alongside your postcode. (Mine is removed for privacy reasons).


Step Two

Bark will guide you through a series of questions tailored to your specific needs. There are multiple pages of options to help you find the right service. Once you reach the end, you can specify any additional requirements, making the process much easier. This feature proved incredibly helpful for me, as I was able to highlight my dog’s need for a more experienced handler. Typically, I spend days making calls to create a shortlist, but this streamlined approach was a game-changer.



Step Three:

After submitting my request, I was initially offered a few options, but I had concerns that they might not be the perfect match. While they met the criteria, I couldn’t find one that was conveniently located. However, my concerns were alleviated in the next stage, as I was presented with a variety of suitable options.

Step Four

I confirmed my email and phone number by entering the code sent via text, allowing my request to go live. Remarkably, within 24 hours, multiple groomers who perfectly matched my criteria reached out to me. Consequently, I swiftly booked my dog in for a trim next week.

How was the experience?

The most important thing is how stress-free this experience is. I hate doing research online and often never know where to start. I then waste my time calling lots of people who are either booked up or can’t do the work I need. Because Bark only lets people who match the brief and timeframe contact you,  I was saved so much stress and time.

Will I use them again?

The fact that I’m back for the second time speaks volumes and is probably the best endorsement I can give. They have a huge range of categories and can be used in a professional capacity too. They have everything from gardeners to web designers and are free to use. So, if you’re in search of any service, it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Get started, and browse Bark here.


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