The best TD credit cards in Canada

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The best TD credit cards in Canada by category

Best credit card by category Why we love it
Best for cash back
TD Cash Back Visa Infinite
Annual fee: $139 (rebated for the first year.)
3% cash back on everyday purchase categories
Best for flexible travel points
TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite
Annual fee: $139 (annual fee rebate—conditions apply to qualify)
A variety of travel redemption options
Best for travel with Air Canada
TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite
Annual fee: $139 (annual-fee rebate—conditions apply to qualify)
Generous welcome bonus and robust travel insurance 
Best for no-fee cash back
TD Cash Back Visa
Annual fee: $0
Cash back rewards with no annual fee
Best for students
TD Rewards Visa
Annual fee: $0
Rewards with no annual fee
Best for low interest
TD Low Rate Visa Credit Card
Annual fee: $25
Competitively low interest rate 

TD is one of Canada’s big five banks. It offers a wide array of financial services including an impressive portfolio of more than two dozen credit cards. We’ve broken down our picks for the best TD credit cards so that whether you’re looking for cash back, flexible travel points, a co-branded travel card, no-fee cash back, or low interest, you’ve got the inside information to make your choice.

Best credit card for cash back

The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite’s main draw is its strong 3% return in three very popular spending categories: Groceries, gas and recurring bill payments. This, along with the 1% base rate that applies to everything else, makes it one of the highest-earning cash back cards in Canada. Even better, your cash back never expires and you can redeem it (in $25 increments) whenever you want. 


TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card

  • Annual fee: $139 (rebated for the first year.)
  • Earn rate: 3% cash back on gas, grocery and recurring bill payments; 1% on all other purchases
  • Welcome offer: You can earn up to $500 in value, including 10% in Cash Back Dollars in the first 3 months on Bonus Eligible Purchases up to a total spend of $3,500. Conditions apply. Account must be approved by March 4, 2024.
  • Annual income requirement: Personal income of $60,000 or household income of $100,000

This card also comes with a few notable perks, including up to $2 million in travel medical insurance on trips of up to 10 days and delayed or lost baggage protection. Drivers and commuters will be interested in the included deluxe membership in TD Auto Club (roadside service membership), rental car collision/loss damage protection, and discounts for rentals at Budget and Avis. As a Visa Infinite card, it gets you perks like access to a concierge and luxury events.

Best credit card for flexible travel points

Thanks to the partnership between TD and Expedia, you can redeem TD points you collect on the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite for virtually anything travel-related including hotels, vacation packages, and flights—at any airline, hotel or travel provider listed on one of the world’s largest travel comparison sites. That flexibility put this card on our best TD credit cards list.


TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card

  • Annual fee: $139 (annual fee rebate—conditions apply to qualify)
  • Earn rates: Up to 8 TD Rewards points per $1 on travel; 6 points per $1 on groceries and restaurants; 4 points per $1 on recurring bills; and 2 points per $1 on all other purchases
  • Welcome offer: You can earn up to $1,100 in value, including up to 135,000 TD Rewards Points and no annual fee for the first year. Conditions apply. Account must be approved by March 4, 2024. Plus, you get an annual birthday bonus of 10% of your previous year’s points (up to 10,000 points).
  • Annual income requirement: Personal income of $60,000 or household income of $100,000

Redemptions on are super straightforward: 200 TD Points are worth $1, or, put another way, 1 point = 0.5 cents. Spend frequently or save up—your points never expire. Although the earn rate is high on everyday spending categories, the flexibility of this card is somewhat dampened by the relatively lower value of the points—other travel credit cards earn you points that are worth one cent or more. You can redeem points for travel outside of Expedia For TD or for merchandise or gifts, but be aware that you’ll get less value out of your points this way.

Best for travel with Air Canada

The new TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite has a super-impressive welcome offer, a first-year annual fee rebate. You’ll earn between 1 and 1.5 points per $1 on everyday spending, which can go towards booking flights on Air Canada or on over two dozen Star Alliance partner alliances. 


TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card

  • Annual fee: $139 (annual-fee rebate—conditions apply to qualify)
  • Earn rates: 1.5 Aeroplan points per $1 spent on gas, groceries and purchases made directly through Air Canada (including vacation packages), and 1 point per $1 on all other purchases
  • Welcome bonus: You can earn up to 30,000 Aeroplan points and no annual fee for the first year. Conditions apply. Account must be approved by March 4, 2024. 
  • Anniversary bonus: Earn 10,000 Aeroplan points when you spend at least $7,500 within 12 months of opening the account.
  • Annual income requirement: Personal income of $60,000 or household income of $100,000

The card has a slew of travel perks, including preferred pricing when booking flights on points and savings on baggage fees on Air Canada flights. The insurance package is robust and includes medical insurance, auto rental loss and collision coverage. And between Aeroplan’s rewards chart and generous stopover policy, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your points values and travel options further. 

Best no-fee cash back credit card

For those looking for a no-fee cash back card, consider the TD Cash Back Visa. When you spend with this card you’ll earn 1% back on groceries, gas and recurring bills, and 0.5% on everything else. The perks are lean—expect purchase security and extended warranty—but like other TD cards, your cash back never expires, and you can redeem it whenever you want (in $25 increments).


TD Cash Back Visa Card

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Earn rate: 1% cash back on eligible grocery and gas purchases, and on recurring bill payments; 0.5% cash back on everything else
  • Welcome bonus: None
  • Income requirement: None

It’s important to note that when it comes to simple math, this is not the best no-fee credit card out there. The Tangerine Money Back is a better choice, offering up to 2% back on up to three spending categories. 

Best student credit card

This card has some features not common to rewards cards, like no annual fee and a solid earn rate for reward points. All of this makes it perfectly suited to students on a budget. You can redeem your points for gift cards (that you can use for practical items, too), cash, travel and even rewards to help fund your education or pay off student loans.


TD Rewards Visa Card

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Earn rates: 3 TD Rewards points per $1 spent on groceries and at restaurants, 2 points per $1 on recurring bill payments, 4 points per $1 in travel purchases made through Expedia for TD, and 1 point on all other purchases
  • Welcome offer: You can earn a value of $50 in TD Rewards Points to use on eligible purchases, plus no annual fee. Conditions apply. Account must be approved by June 3, 2024.

Best low-interest credit card

Whether you’re looking for a balance transfer credit card, need to finance a big or unexpected purchase, or just want to score an ultra-low interest rate, this card is a great option. 


TD Low Rate Visa Card

  • Annual fee: $25
  • Interest rates: 12.9% on purchases (13.9% for Quebec residents)
  • Welcome bonus: earn an 8.99% promotional interest rate on Purchases for the first 6 months from Account opening. Conditions Apply. Account must be approved by September 3, 2024.
  • Annual income requirement: None

TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan

TD’s All-Inclusive Banking Plan is a premium bank account that offers top-tier services and valuable discounts, some of which reward those carrying select TD credit cards. For example, All-Inclusive Banking Plan account holders receive an annual fee waiver when they sign up for certain TD credit cards for both the primary and one additional card holder—for as long as they carry the account. Just how much can you save? A bundle. The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite, for example, costs $139 annually plus $50 for up to one authorized cardholder. The $189 annual savings nicely offsets the account fees while allowing you to leverage the perks associated with your credit card. Eligible cards include the following: TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, TD Aeroplan Visa Platinum, TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite, TD Platinum Travel Visa, and TD Cash Back Visa Infinite.

Sweetening the pot for account holders, TD rewards with premium chequing account benefits such as unlimited debit transactions and Interac e-Transfers, a small safety deposit box, money orders and personalized and certified cheques—all included. Additionally, there are no TD transaction fees when you use an ATM in Canada, the U.S. or internationally (except for exchange rate fees). Clearly, bundling accounts with the big banks has its perks, including that it keeps things simple.

This premium account does come at a premium price. The monthly fee is $29.95, or $22.45 for seniors. However, for those who can afford to keep $5,000 parked in the account, that fee is rebated, meaning all these perks including the credit card rebates are free. Otherwise, you’ll want to weigh the benefits against the cost. The annual fee comes out to nearly $360 (or almost $270 for seniors) but any credit card rebates would come out of that total.

How to use TD Cash Back dollars

The TD Cash Back Rewards credit card program lets you redeem on-demand without time restrictions, unlike some other programs that restrict you to once per calendar year. You can redeem once you’ve accumulated $25 (that’s the minimum redeemable amount, too) and your cash-back rewards never expire. The TD program is one of the most flexible cash-back programs out there, though it’s worth mentioning that BMO does have an edge in that you can redeem with as little as $1 in your account.

How to redeem TD travel points

TD Rewards points can be redeemed for a range of gift cards, merchandise and even cash–but they’re first and foremost made for travel redemptions, specifically from the Expedia For TD website. The value of your points varies according to what you redeem them for, and how. We break down the options below:

How much is a TD travel point worth on Expedia For TD

200 TD points = $1 / 1 TD point = 0.5 cents

You’ll get the very best value from your points when redeeming on There, you can put your points toward booking free or discounted travel from Expedia, one of the world’s largest travel search engines and online travel agencies. There are no blackout dates or airline restrictions, and the points values remain consistent no matter how, when or where you’re travelling, making this method a winner for those who don’t want to spend their time deciphering rewards charts.

Book Any Way

250 TD points = $1 on the initial $1,200 of travel booking / 1 TD point = 0.4 cents (0.4%)

200 TD points = $1 on any amount that is over $1,200 / 1 TD point = 0.5 cents (0.5%)

If you don’t want to use Expedia For TD, you do have the flexibility to book elsewhere, such as directly with an airline or another travel agency. You can use TD Points for virtually anything travel-related including flights, hotels, tours and car rentals. Simply select the Book Any Way option when redeeming points. The one disadvantage here is that at 0.4 of a cent per point on the initial $1,200, you’ll get slightly less value than you would on Expedia For TD. This works out to about 25% less value per point.

Redeem points for cash

400 TD point = $1 / 1 TD point = 0.25 cents (0.25%)

Everybody loves cash, but at 400 points per $1, using your TD points to get it isn’t the best idea. If you want to earn cash with TD, it’s better to go with one of TD’s cash back cards. However, if you’re still looking to turn your points into cash, you can–just know that you need a minimum of 10,000 points.

Redeem points for gift cards

Average 1 TD point = 0.25 cents (0.25%)

There’s a wide variety of gift card options on, usable toward purchases at retailers including Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Foot Locker, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others. That said, the value of your redemption done this way matches what you’d get when using points for cash back so you’re better off using another method.

Redeem points for merchandise

TD points can be used toward a huge variety of merchandise, from exercise equipment to electronics. Points values on these items vary dramatically but generally will hover between 0.2 and 0.35 of a cent per point.

About TD Aeroplan rewards

Aeroplan launched a program overhaul on November 8, 2020, at which time Aeroplan points will be redeemable for flights based on a redemption chart that breaks up the world into four different travel zones: North America, Atlantic, Pacific and South America. You’ll be able to redeem points for flights on Air Canada, plus more than two dozen Star Alliance members, including Singapore Airlines, Austrian Airlines and United.

Points values vary depending on where you’re flying to and how popular the route is, but you can use this calculation:

Value of 1 Aeroplan point = (price of ticket – fees) ÷ Aeroplan points needed to redeem

So, as an example, if a round-trip flight from Toronto to Vancouver has a base fare of $405 and $20 in fees, your formula would look like this:

($405 – $20) ÷ 25,000 TD points = 1.54 cents per 1 Aeroplan point

You can also maximize your points values by adding stopovers, getting baggage fees waived, and so forth.

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