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Delta unveils 4 new routes, expanded service to Latin America

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Delta Air Lines is boosting its presence across Latin America with the addition of four new routes and expanded service to one of its newest destinations.

The Atlanta-based carrier will add service during the winter season to Barbados; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Mazatlan, Mexico; and Curacao.

Delta will serve a total of 50 cities in Latin America and the Caribbean next winter, offering one-stop access to nearly 200 cities worldwide.

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All of the new and expanded routes will be operated by the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which features 16 first-class recliners, 36 Comfort+ extra-legroom seats and 108 standard economy seats.

Here are all the details of Delta’s latest expansion.

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Delta’s new Barbados service

Delta jets will once again land in Barbados beginning later this year.

The airline is adding new service to Bridgetown, Barbados, from both Atlanta and New York later this year.

Atlanta service will operate daily beginning Nov. 23, while service from New York commences Dec. 21 on a once-weekly Saturday-only basis.

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Delta last flew to Barbados in August 2017, according to Cirium schedules. As such, both routes technically represent resumptions for the carrier.

Delta’s new Puerto Plata service

Delta hasn’t flown to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, since 2011, but that will change later this year.

The airline will once again connect Atlanta with the city Nov. 23, on a daily basis.

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Delta’s new Mazatlan service

Another city that’ll see new Delta service is Mazatlan in Mexico.

The airline will connect Mazatlan with its hub at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) on a three-times-weekly basis starting on Dec. 21.

The flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Delta last flew there in March 2019, according to Cirium schedules, so this route is also technically a resumption for the carrier.

Delta’s MSP-Mazatlan service matches a route offered by Minnesota-based budget rival Sun Country, which also offers up to four flights per week on the route during the winter.

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Delta’s expanded Curacao service

Delta relaunched service to Curacao for the first time in 13 years in December.

The airline added once-weekly flights from its Atlanta megahub Dec. 16, 2023, and this service has seemingly outperformed the airline’s expectations.

That’s because beginning Nov. 23, Delta will fly the route on a daily basis.

This move is welcome news for those looking to explore this quieter Dutch Caribbean island.

Curacao may be a lesser-known Caribbean destination for Americans, but it boasts expansive coral reefs and hidden beaches that could offer a much more relaxing vacation than visiting some of the busier islands in the Caribbean.

Bottom line

Delta’s latest expansion is targeted at those craving warm-weather vacations.

The airline’s leisure-focused play in the Caribbean makes sense during the winter season when travel demand to warm-weather destinations picks up.

Also, by launching most of the new flights from Atlanta, the airline can tap into its nationwide network to help fill the planes with connecting feed.

“Delta is establishing vital connections from Atlanta and across the U.S. that allow our customers to reach their dream vacation destinations with ease. This latest schedule gives travelers unparalleled choice, with up to 1,000 weekly flights to distinctive places throughout Latin America and the Caribbean,” Joe Esposito, Delta’s senior vice president of network planning, said in a statement.

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