Labour and the nocebo effect

Most people are familiar with who are called placebo effects.

Fewer are familiar with the nocebo effects. These can be described in this way:

The nocebo effect is the opposite of the placebo effect. It describes a situation where a negative outcome occurs due to a belief that the intervention will cause harm.

Why do they come to mind? Mainly because of Labour’s fearful and very obviously frightened approach to policy making. It would seem that Labour believes that anything anyone vaguely left of centre might think to be of benefit will cause harm. They suffer from a profound version of the nocebo effect, in other words.

As example, investing £28 billion in the infrastructure required to manage climate change will clearly not do harm. But Labour believes it will.

Likewise, tax increases on those most able to pay them, matched by spending increases or reduced tax or increased benefits for those least well off would clearly do good. But Labour has persuaded itself that none of these things should happen because contrary to all the evidence they think they are harmful.

As the same paper that I note above also suggests:

patients with anxiety and depression, those with a pessimistic outlook and strongly influenced by their environment may need more careful counselling to avoid inadvertent initiation of the nocebo effect.

Labour is undoubtedly anxious. It also hasa deeply pessimistic outlook. They are also heavily influenced by a Tory environment. Is that what they are so subject to nocebo effects?

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