Tesco Value Valentine card – for free

So you forgot about Valentine’s, or you are desperately skint!

Have no fear! Really, stop worrying!

I mean, come on, you’re talking to Skint Dad here, and I’m always full of ideas which means you can leave your wallet (or purse) in your pocket and give your bank balance a breather.

According to the latest research, Brits spent £909 million in 2022 on Valentine’s Day. However, trends show that the spending went down in 2023!

Yay, frugal people!

Keep your money in your pockets as I’ve found a way to master Valentine’s Day when you’re skint, have no money, or are just a bit tight.

Obviously, this is a very cheap option to pick, so you need to back it up with a good foot rub or something…..!

Tesco Value Valentine’s card

Tesco has always been known to offer great prices in their value range.

From beans to nappies, you can purchase cheap products compared to the branded goods they sell.

But what do Tesco do to help people who want to spend less on Valentine’s?

Sure, they sell cards and budget-friendly flowers, but can you get something even purse-friendlier?

Welcome the Tesco Value Valentine’s Day Card!

With just a click you can download your own version for free and print for your true love a card this year.

Tesco value Valentine card

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Click here to get your free printable Value Valentine’s Day Card.

Best printed on a sheet of cheap A4 paper.

It doesn’t stand up too well, but it looks very genuine 🙂

Whether you are spending a penny, or just spending time together, being skint shouldn’t get in between a bit of romance on Valentine’s Day.

And if you’re planning a night in, check out these cheap supermarket Valentine’s Day meal deals from £3.50pp and find cheap (but romantic) Valentine’s Day ideas that don’t need to cost anything.

Valentine love

Much love to you all xx

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