Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Devaluation Coming Soon?

Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Devaluation

If you have a good chunk of Turkish Airlines miles or if you planning a redemption through the Miles&Smiles, you should probably book quickly. The loyalty program now has new award charts published on its website with higher award pricing across the board.

It’s worth noting that the new pricing is only shown on the new chart and is not incorporated in the search engine just yet. So you will still see the old Miles&Smiles award pricing when you try to book a flight. But the new award chart should be a good indication of what’s coming. Price increases vary between 17% and 50% as noted by Prince of Travel who was first to flag these changes.

If you need more miles, Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles is a transfer partner with Bilt Rewards, Citi ThankYou Rewards, and Capital One Miles.

New Award Pricing

This is the new chart showing one-way awards:

    Promotion Award Ticket Award Ticket
from/to from/to Economy
Türkiye Türkiye 4,500 10,000 8,500 15,000
Europe 1 10,000 20,000 15,000 30,000
Europe 2 15,000 25,000 20,000 40,000
Central Asia 20,000 35,000 25,000 50,000
Middle East 18,000 28,000 23,000 45,000
North Africa 20,000 40,000 35,000 55,000
Central Africa 25,000 60,000 55,000 110,000
Southern Africa 35,000 75,000 70,000 150,000
Far East 35,000 65,000 55,000 140,000
North America 40,000 65,000 55,000 135,000
South America 50,000 75,000 65,000 145,000
Oceania 50,000 75,000 65,000 145,000

This is the chart for flights with Star Alliance partners:

  Flight Class Türkiye Europe 1 Europe 2 Central Asia Middle East North Africa Central Africa Southern Africa Far East North America South America Oceania
Türkiye Economy Class 4.5K 10K 15K 20K 18K 20K 25K 35K 35K 40K 50K 50K
Business Class 10K 20K 25K 35K 28K 40K 60K 75K 65K 65K 75K 75K
First Class   30K 35K 50K 40K 60K 90K 110K 100K 100K 110K 110K
Europe 1 Economy Class   25K 25K 30K 28K 30K 35K 45K 45K 50K 60K 60K
Business Class   35K 45K 55K 48K 60K 80K 95K 85K 85K 95K 95K
First Class   45K 65K 80K 70K 90K 120K 140K 130K 130K 140K 140K
Europe 2 Economy Class     25K 35K 33K 35K 40K 50K 50K 55K 65K 65K
Business Class     35K 60K 53K 65K 85K 100K 90K 90K 100K 100K
First Class     45K 90K 80K 100K 130K 150K 135K 135K 150K 150K
Central Asia Economy Class       25K 38K 40K 45K 55K 55K 60K 70K 70K
Business Class       35K 63K 75K 95K 110K 100K 100K 110K 110K
First Class       45K 95K 110K 140K 165K 150K 150K 165K 165K
Middle East Economy Class         25K 38K 43K 53K 53K 58K 68K 68K
Business Class         35K 68K 88K 103K 93K 93K 103K 103K
First Class         45K 100K 130K 150K 140K 140K 150K 150K
North Africa Economy Class           25K 45K 55K 55K 60K 70K 70K
Business Class           35K 100K 115K 105K 105K 115K 115K
First Class           45K 150K 170K 160K 160K 170K 170K
Central Africa Economy Class             30K 60K 60K 65K 75K 75K
Business Class             40K 135K 125K 125K 135K 135K
First Class             50K 200K 190K 190K 200K 200K
Southern Africa Economy Class               25K 70K 75K 85K 85K
Business Class               35K 140K 140K 150K 150K
First Class               45K 210K 210K 225K 225K
Far East Economy Class                 35K 75K 85K 85K
Business Class                 50K 130K 140K 140K
First Class                 65K 195K 210K 210K
North America Economy Class                   30K 90K 90K
Business Class                   40K 140K 140K
First Class                   50K 210K 210K
Southern America Economy Class                     35K 100K
Business Class                     50K 150K
First Class                     65K 225K
Oceania Economy Class                       30K
Business Class                       40K
First Class                       50K

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