Frontier and Landing launch new Nomad Pass for unlimited flights and apartment stays

Frontier Airlines’ all-you-can-fly GoWild! Pass has been tempting travelers with flexible travel plans for almost a year. For a $599 annual fee for new members, your GoWild! Pass grants you unlimited flights to anywhere Frontier flies.

The only catches: You can’t book until the day before you plan to fly domestically (or up to 10 days for international flights), and you are responsible for 1 cent in airfare plus applicable taxes, fees and add-on charges for bags and seat assignments.

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That type of nomadic lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone, but if you love flying by the seat of your pants, Frontier’s newest partnership promises to make your free-wheeling travels even better.

Frontier Airlines planes taxi at Denver International Airport (DEN). MATT NAGER/FRONTIER AIRLINES

Frontier and flexible living company Landing announced the Nomad Pass — a first-of-its-kind subscription that leverages the benefits of Frontier’s GoWild! Pass and Landing’s Standby membership. Landing’s membership offers stays in fully furnished apartments in 375 cities across the country.

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“The Frontier Airlines GoWild! Pass is a great value and terrific opportunity for anyone with flexibility in their travel plans and can be used across our entire network of domestic and international destinations,” James Fenner, vice president of pricing and revenue management at Frontier Airlines, said in a press release. “Combined with Landing’s novel Standby program for quality apartment living, the creation of Nomad Pass offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle filled with travel and adventure.”

The new Nomad Pass costs $1,495 monthly and merges the GoWild! Pass’ unlimited flights with Landing’s Standby membership. With Standby, you can stay in any of Landing’s nationwide network of fully furnished apartments (excluding New York and California) with no lease to sign and no minimum stay requirements.


The only stipulation is that if a standard Landing member books the apartment you are staying in, you’ll have three days to move to an available apartment in Landing’s network. If you decide on your own that you are ready for a change of scenery, you are only required to give Landing three days’ notice before you move out.

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“Nomad Pass combines two innovative product offerings across living and travel, and they couldn’t be more complementary,” Russ Brodmerkle, chief marketing officer at Landing, said in the release. “It’s tailor-made for people embracing a flexible lifestyle and the ability to travel frequently — we’re proud to partner with Frontier to deliver the ultimate adventure at an affordable price.”


The past few years have seen increased flexibility in where and how we live, work and travel. Unlimited flights and the ability to live anywhere in the country for $1,495 monthly could certainly appeal to travelers seeking freedom and adventure at an affordable cost.

Frontier and Landing also announced an Explore More Sweepstakes for new Nomad Pass members to celebrate this unique partnership. Between now and May 8, members can submit entries for each market they visit for a chance to win a free six months of Nomad Pass — a $8,970 value. The more you travel, the better your chance of winning.

You can learn more about the Nomad Pass and the sweepstakes here.

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