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A note to the trolls

Continua após a publicidade..

I can only presume that the trolls are quite worried about the Taxing Wealth Report 2024. Since I have suggested that it is approaching completion, the volume of troll traffic on here that is not automatically deleted by spam filters has increased significantly and now amounts to almost half of all comments.

Thankfully, most trolls make themselves very easy to spot. As a result, there is no great difficulty in deleting the vast majority of these comments without having to read anything much beyond the first line. The trend is, however, significant and exposes the hypocrisy inherent in what many of these commentators like to claim, which is that my work is completely irrelevant. If it was, they would not be commenting in such numbers.

There is, however, in all this a problem for any new commentator who has a genuine desire to post a serious comment on the blog. If you wish to warn me of your intent to do so, please do get in touch. My contact details are on the blog. Tell me who you are, what email address you will be using and give me some serious evidence that you are a real human being. You can still use a short name to post if you wish, but please tell me what that is as well. That will increase the probability of your post getting on.

Continua após a publicidade..

But be warned that I am well aware that some trolls try to appear to be reasonable people for three or four comments and then reveal their true selves. Anyone playing that game will end up being treated as spam just as much as those who reveal themselves on their first posting end up being treated that way.

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