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American Express is back with generous Credit Limit Enhancements – CardExpert

American Express Credit Limit Enhancements
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If you’ve been maximising credit cards pre-covid, you would know that American Express India is quite generous in offering credit limit enhancements on their credit cards and amazing credit support on their charge cards.

However once Covid-19 came into picture, American Express silently put a hold on their credit limit enhancements for few months and then started accepting limit enhancement requests as early as Jan 2021 as reported earlier. 

But the problem was that the limit enhancements were not as good as before esp when someone is having >2L credit limit already. However, now in early 2024 I see that Amex is back again as it used to be before Covid-19. 

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I came across two of my friend’s getting generous auto credit limit enhancements (alerts sent via email/sms) on their American Express credit cards.

  • On one of my friend’s card, the limit jumped from 2L to 3.2L (60%)
  • And on the other friend’s card, the limit jumped from 1L to 2.25L (125%)

That aside, I’m also hearing from other cardholders that the limit enhancement is as good as above even on manual request as well, by calling Amex support.

Amex auto credit limit enhancement email alert

This is the usual trend which I used to see in the past. Those who’re having very low limits, they get a great hike % and if the limit is already good, they see a decent % of hike, all in line with their income and spends on the card.

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If auto LE is not received and if your spends are pretty good, simply call Amex and request for a LE (do it during the day time when the credits team is available).

So it seems the conservative period of Amex is over. While I’m not sure since when this is being offered, I guess it should be either late 2023 or early 2024.

Have you received a credit limit enhancement recently on your American Express credit card? Please share in the comments below.

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