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The other of a certainty will not be an unsure uncertainty


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Donald Rumsfeld turned higher recognized for his recognized unknowns, and his unknown unknowns than he was ever recognized for his supposed knowns. Such is the perverseness of historical past. Opposite to neoliberal pondering that historical past is only a sequence of recognized information, nothing might be farther from the reality. It’s all a matter of asking how we create information, recall them after which of interpretation.

What I recommend that we do know now could be that we stay in an age of uncertainty.

We was once sure that the USA was the enemy of Russia. Now Donald Trump is inviting Russia to assault Europe.

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We was once sure that the Conservatives upheld regulation and order. Now they’re decided to undermine it.

We had been advised as sure indisputable fact that the Tories would at all times handle the financial system prudently. We now know that’s not true.

And, we had been sure that the teachings of the Thirties with regard to pandering to fascism had been realized. That’s clearly not the case.

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This does, after all, create uncertainty. Is it any shock that there’s a lot collective angst on the earth when so little that was as soon as supposedly relied upon is now not true?

That angst is, nonetheless, compounded by one thing else. Rumsfeld may need thought that the alternative of a recognized was an unknown unknown, however an unsure uncertainty will not be the alternative of a certainty.

We’re not dwelling in a world the place the alternative of our outdated certainty is unknown. We live in a world the place that reverse is most undoubtedly recognized. The other of our outdated certainty is that the world is quick embracing fascism each nationally and internationally. The one factor that’s unknown is how lengthy it would take for us to simply accept the fact of this new certainty.


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