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The vitality worth cap ought to, taking uncooked materials prices and common inflation into consideration, now be about £1,400 a 12 months, however is definitely going to be £1,690. The distinction is exploitative revenue being extracted from us by vitality corporations.


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A lot fuss is being made this morning about the truth that the UK vitality worth cap is being diminished by roughly 12% to £1,690 every year for a typical dual-fuel family. It will save roughly £200 a 12 months for these households. The difficulty is that the remaining worth is completely exorbitant.

UK gasoline costs have moved as follows during the last 5 years:

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You’ll observe that the worth is now again to ranges final seen in 2021. Additionally, you will observe the development in these costs, which is that they’re nonetheless shifting downward.

This desk signifies actions within the UK family vitality worth cap during the last 5 years:

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What may be very clear is that when UK gasoline costs have been final at their present ranges, the vitality worth cap was round £1200 every year.

This chart from the Guardian reveals the make-up of the vitality used to generate UK electrical energy. The costs of photo voltaic, wind, nuclear and coal haven’t modified in any vital means since 2021, excepting the necessity to pay increased wages. Gasoline is again to the place it was.

What this proof makes clear is that excepting the affect of inflation on wages, which is an inevitable catch-up consequence of common worth rises, there is no such thing as a different cause for a change within the UK vitality worth cap between 2021 and the current second.

The Financial institution of England suggests that £11.79 now’s value what £10 was in 2021. Let’s assume that this might be a good price of worth inflation for vitality in consequence (ignoring the truth that the sector’s uncooked materials prices don’t justify any worth improve). Making use of this to the vitality worth cap that existed throughout 2021 would recommend that an vitality worth camp of about £1,400, or thereabouts, at current. That’s all that inflation might probably demand. We’re, nevertheless, going to get an vitality worth cap of £1,690 every year.

So, the query is, who will get the additional £290 a 12 months, or thereabouts?

There may be, after all, just one reply: it’s the vitality corporations, who will take it straight to their backside line income.

If you wish to know why the UK economic system stays a multitude and why we’re nonetheless struggling inflation, it’s exactly as a result of we’re being exploited by massive corporations who’re exploiting the the unsure financial setting that the Financial institution of England has intentionally created to extract revenue from us all,  and wholly unnecessarily.  Regardless of that, the Financial institution of England continues to be claiming that it’s wage rises which are troubling them.

They actually ought to cease speaking nonsense and switch their fireplace on the true brokers of inflation within the UK economic system, that are our massive corporations who’re imposing worth will increase of means above the present price of inflation. The brand new may see some financial justice for a change.


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