What occurs when the Prime Minister thinks that the citizens are extremists?

I posted this thread in Twitter final evening:

I then adopted up with this:

I’m not positive that there’s a lot so as to add barring these observations.

Sunak is not going to name out Braverman’s racism.

Or Anderson’s Islamophobia.

He will not even describe Islamophobia as such, however will use the time period anti-Semitism at any second, typically inappropriately.

He nonetheless claims the general public needs his Rwanda coverage which is able to punish folks responsible of nothing besides having fled different nations in worry.

His rhetoric on small boats is meant to create division, distrust and worry in society, and is succeeding in doing so.

He is not going to condemn Netanyahu for  genocide, which British coverage is supporting.

And he’s the particular person whose legal guidelines are already denying the proper to protest while additionally denying the proper to justify protest by stating the rationale for it when being tried for the crime of, for instance, waking slowly.

This isn’t a person who can discuss unity, reconciliation or widespread values when his modus operandi is to create ‘others’ to vilify.

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