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Publishing the Taxing Wealth Report – your opinion is sought


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I’m engaged on placing the Taxing Wealth Report 2024 collectively as one doc proper now. I would like an opinion from you, the readers of this weblog, on this situation.

The entire report is admittedly large. If all of the detailed evaluation is included within the report it’s some 130,000 phrases and nicely over 300 pages. I am unable to see anybody studying all that, however I could also be flawed.

There’s another method of publishing this Report. That’s to solely embody the abstract sections briefly outlining every detailed proposal, which had been the primary part of every observe on each proposal made within the report. A hyperlink may then be supplied in order that anybody may comply with up on the detailed proposal on the net in the event that they so wished. This is able to in all probability a minimum of halve the size of the report. I’d nonetheless preserve all of the introductory and explanatory chapters in full.

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My query is, which choice do individuals right here suppose is perhaps extra helpful? The entire report, or a report with summaries of all of the proposals of enough size to clarify what they’re however with detailed workings being relegated to the net, the place they already are? Your opinion would fairly genuinely be a lot appreciated.

I ought to add that each choices may also be attainable, however solely the shorter one is prone to be viable in print (if in any respect).

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